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Peculiar presents an online forum for purchasing selling cool stuff to your loved ones.
Every gift or present in any form can be a part of happiness or success to your loved ones.
Uniqueness and quality are the two basic merits that every seeker wants in the purchased products.
Peculiar presents tries to provide these merits to its users. Peculiar Presents is one such online forum
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We have a wide of variety of items like home and garden, latest gadgets and tech and gag gifts.
We do not sell products directly . Most importantly we show you whats out there and where to find it.
Peculiar Presents serves its customers the best and customer satisfaction is the main motto.
You can visit here for a wide range of gifts available for people of various generations. also shop with us for different religious occasions.
You will find suitable classic gifts as per your choice. We also have some cool stuffs ranging below $20.
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Paper Shooter Kits

Paper Shooter Kits


If you enjoy building things, and shooting things - You'll love Paper Shooters Construction Kits! There blasters are supplied in kit form so you build the whole thing from scratch

$29.99 Check it Out
The Most Expensive Opal On Earth

The Most Expensive Opal On Earth


If you've ever wanted to see the world's most glorious opal, you'll have your chance in September as the South Australian Museum in Adelaide unveils the first public display of the "Virgin Rainbow"

- 25%Sale! Fruit Flavored Cups

Fruit Flavored Cups


The right cup is one of the coolest things out there, theses cups turns ordinary water into a fruit flavored beverage.The sensation of flavor is a combination of smell, taste and sight. As you drink from The Right Cup, your nose picks up the fruity aroma, your tongue gets a hint of the sweet taste, and the vivid color ...

$40.00 $29.95 Check it Out
Munch Mitt Teething Mitten

Munch Mitt Teething Mitten


Give mom and dad the satisfaction of knowing they are doing the right thing by using this Munch Mitt to keep teething baby safe from scratching themselves, saliva irritating their skin, and lessen the chance of developing blisters from thumb sucking.

$14.99 Check it Out
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