15 Amazing Products You Can Buy Online


15 Amazing Products You Can Buy Online

The internet holds a plethera of weired exciting and usefull products. I wanted to write this post to include twenty things that you normally would not have come across just surfing the web. Some of these products can be very usefull and some not so much.

1.Spectacles – Smart Sunglasses by Snap Inc

Spectacles are a new type of eye wear that allows you to take snap chat video images while wearing your sun glasses.Each pair comes with an integrated video camera that connects to snap chat via Bluetooth.The purpose is to help record your memories as you live them.

Buy via spectacles.com for $129.99






2.Cloud Shade RGB by Richard Clarkson

The RGB cloud (formally cloud shade) is a remote-controlled decorative luminaire inspired by our very own smart Cloud. For something in a similar range but a little simpler check out our Cloud shadeavailable in the same size range. Our RGB clouds have all the same lighting effects as the Smart and Tiny – even the music reactive modes, the main difference is that the RGB Clouds do not have speakers inside them.

Buy via richardclarkson.com for $530.00













3.Rockit Logs Wood Log Speaker

So this kickstarter is interesting this guy took wood that was abandon by loggers and used it to create speakers.With high end Bluetooth audio, a powerful amplifier, and a long battery life, Rockit Logs were designed with powerful sound in mind.Each log is custom tuned to deliver both timeless style and premium sound quality. While most Bluetooth speakers have a power output of between 1 and 5 watts, Rockit Logs boom at 60 watts of pure audio power.

Buy via kickstarter.com for $199.00














4.Fake Air Vent Safe with RFID Lock

Hover card key over sensor and safe automatically unlocks and opensProtect your money, weapons, precious jewelry, medicine, and other valuables.Helps keep valuables secure from nosy children and thieves.

Buy via Amazon for $238.99





5.ONE Fashion Headphones

This designer took normal headphones and added beads to create a fashion statement. Contains Wooden beads in powder matt off-white combined with sparkling gold coloured glass pearls in diamond cut make ‘the white one’ a true personal favourite. Matching colour- and material mix  and functional design fit perfect together. This Fashion Headset is indeed a great fashion piece.

Buy via fashion-headsets.com for $80.00






6.Ice Meister All-Season Sled

This interesting toy was designed to sled on and off the slopes. Just add the ice and this sled will take off on any grassy hill.All-season sled designed for both snow and grass sledding,Smooth, contoured shape and low-profile runners work on packed snow and powder.Includes pair of patent-pending Icers, which create thin ice surface on sled bottom.

Buy via Amazon for $84.95













7. Lumen Body-Heat-Operated Flashlight

Tired of lights always running low on juice well this new technology allows body heat to be converted into electricity.Touch Lumen and heat of your body will be converted to Light! Everlasting light source that is always with you.

Buy via kickstarter.com for $35.00













8.ALFI Wood-Burning Hot Tub

If you think this hot tub looks like a giant salsa bowl than your not alone.This wood burning hot tub doesn’t need to be plugged in or connected to any drainFill the tub with cold water from your garden hose and light a fire in the pit. The fire hot tub holds 200 gallons of water.The water is pushed through the metal coils which surround a wire basket where the firewood is housed.

Buy via Amazon for $3,649.00













9.LifeStraw-Personal Water Filter

This nifty gadget is perfect for a worse case scenario during a hiking trip.Removes minimum 99.9999% of Waterborne bacteria and surpasses EPA standards while also removing 99.9% of Waterborne protozoan Parasites.The Life straw can filter to an amazing 0.2 Microns.

Buy via Amazon for $ 51.12
















10.AK-47 Table Lamp

If your a person that likes guns and lamps than here is the perfect match.The AK-47 Table Lamp is an exotic center piece that lights up any room. It provides direct reading and ambient lighting. The iconic gun design adds a luxurious touch of character and elegance to your décor while creating a sophisticated ambiance.

Buy via mancave stuff for $199.99




















11.Steampunk Optimus Prime

This artist makes movie icons out of recycled metal via his the junk yard, for a pricy $16,000 you can have Optimus Prime in your own living room.

Buy via Etsy for $16,000
















12.Pakayak – Portable Kayak

Pakayak is a high performance hard-shell kayak that comes apart and packs down to 3.5 feet. Go where you want, store it where you want, carry it on your back, take it in your convertible and paddle it just like a traditional hard-shell kayak.

Buy via pakayak.com for $1695.00












13.The Mandem Safe

Wanna take an extra step in security to keep your belongings safe? The Mandem safe not only hides your stuff but its a clever incognito shoe box.

Buy via themandemsafe.com for $128.17













14.X15 Flamethrower

Yes it is true you really can buy anything online.The last thing we need are people walking down the street with flamethrowers strapped to their back.The X15 shoots about 50 feet and holds 3.3 gallons of fuel. XMatter also offers a napalm mix if 50 ft flames are not enough.

Buy via throwflame.com for $1600.00












15.Game of Thrones Replica Iron Throne

Take your rightful place on this imposing full-size replica.No need to sail to King’s Landing or conquer the Seven Kingdoms. This product was Forged from a thousand enemy swords aka fibreglass.Will you rule like an honorable Edd Stark or a sadistic Joffrey?
Buy via firebox.com for $32,820.00
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