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Fiona Kruger Timepieces

Fiona Kruger Timepieces

Fiona Krüger started her brand in 2013 with a skull-shaped watch, which has since become her signature theme. Inspired by Dia de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead”, a Mexican festival that honours the dead, the wristwatch began as a project for Krüger’s postgraduate degree in luxury and design at Swiss design ...

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Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer

Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer

Drying your dog can be very messy and annoying especially if he or she does not like getting wet, luckily this nifty invention solves both of those problems.

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One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

Aervana is a wine aerating tool that actually works. No matter your experience with wine, you'll notice the difference between a glass aerated with Aervana and the same wine, unaerated. Having a tasting party? Your friends will get all the fun of seeing your wine bottle transformed into a personal tap for perfectly ...

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- 21%Sale! H2O Ninja Snorkel Mask

H2O Ninja Snorkel Mask

A revolutionary full face snorkeling mask designed to make snorkeling effortless and natural. The unique full face design of the H2O Ninja Mask will let you breathe normally under the water, just the same as you would on land.

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- 26%Sale! USB Charger Outlet

USB Charger Outlet

How many times have you lost your phone charger only to find yourself buying a new one every other month. Now with the USB outlet charger you will never have to worry about whether you have a phone charger. Easy to install, just unscrew the old outlet cover and screw on the new one and presto you have have a phone ...

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Bridgestone’s Airless Tires

Bridgestone’s Airless Tires

This technology eliminates the need for tires to be inflated with air. instead, the tires support the rider’s weight by using a unique structure of spokes made from thermoplastic resin, which stretch along the inner sides of the wheel.

Gingko Cube Click Clock

Gingko Cube Click Clock

This cube walnut alarm clock can tell you the time, date and temperature alternately in red LED colour on a walnut wood-effect block at the click of your fingers and automatically switches off when the room is quiet, lighting up again when the alarm goes off or as a response to clicked fingers or clapped hands.

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- 33%Sale! Window Solar Charger

Window Solar Charger

Head out in confidence knowing you can charge your electronics no matter where life takes you. The unique design of the GreenLighting Power Bank provides you with a backup power supply for your electronics giving you the option to explore the great outdoors while staying connected.

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