Crua Clan Insulated Tent System

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A Lightweight Hiking Tent with a Insulated Cocoon and Air-Framed Living Space: Use individually or together for the ultimate outdoors experience.


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Crua Clan Insulated Tent System

As a regular hiker and camper i know that having the right tent means everything if you want to get a goods night sleep. Recently we came across a new start up called Crua Clan, they are the brains behind a new modular tent system. What caught my eye was the insulated cocoon inner shell that they provide, you normally dont see that with most tents. The cocoon shell has several unique features such as easy setup with inflatable pole structure, temperature, noise and light insulated. Each cocoon fits snug inside the outer shell for extra insulation and is simple to setup.

My favorite part about the Crua Clan tent is the flexibility, you can use one tent for stand alone hiking or join your tent to the Crua Core for added space. This is great for when you have multiple people camping in the same spot but need the added privacy. Each Crua Core can attach three different Crua Clan tents and includes a large porch and awning. The Crua Clan is only on Kickstarter at the moment but i believe soon you will see this brand in all of the outdoor and camping stores. You can back the Crua Duo for around $149,the cocoon for $199 and the Crua Core for $499. You can find this kickstarter campaign hereĀ

  • Keep you cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter
  • Muffle noise transfer in and out of the tent
  • Block light from getting in (you can allow some light in if preferred through vents and door)


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