JellyTank – The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium

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The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium designed with both functionality and form. The JellyTank brings calmness and tranquility to your life.


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Jellyfish Tank is a modern design built on functionality and form.  With it’s clean lines and sophisticated look, the JellyTank looks great in any environment.  The tank’s design focuses on the Jellyfish themselves with it’s seamless shape giving them the overall flow they would expect in the ocean’s tides



JellyTank the ultimate jellyfish aquarium, one that solves all the problems that other tanks struggle with. A tank where jellyfish could thrive while keeping it affordable and low maintenance for owners.

The JellyTank

  • A proprietary aquarium and flow bar design based on form & function, and backed by science with the assistance of a nationally accredited aquarium and research laboratory.
  • True laminar [pump driven] water flow similar-to what jellyfish would experience in their natural environment
  • A powerful Integrated mechanical and biological filtration system ensures optimal water quality and is easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning
  • A remote LED for easy lighting and mood changes
  • Tank is made of premium high-grade aquarium acrylic
  • Available in ultra-white or premium-black




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