Kyon Pet Collar- This Collar Lets You Know When Your Pet Is Hot

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The Kyon pet tracker is like a Swiss army knife for your dog, it does everything from letting you know if your pet is hot, preventing barking, GPS tracking using 3D technology and much more.


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Kyon Pet Collar- This Collar Lets You Know When Your Pet Is Hot

We all love our pets but sometimes we don’t really know how hot our furry friend is feeling. Luckily now there is a new smart collar on the market that tracks your pets core temperature. Kyon pet tracker is the thinnest and lightest pet collar on the market and it looks great! This collar has a plethera of features built in.The Kyon pet collar has a mood tracker so that you can see what kind of mood your pet is in, that is my favorite feature. The Kyon pet tracker has a battery life of up to 30 days so you dont have to stress about charging the collar everyday. The collar has led lights that portray your pets name so no engraving needed.

The Kyon pet collar also has a ultra sharp frequency that has been provine to help dogs stop barking, if your dog is barking just hit the button on your phone and An ultrasound that only your little one can hear is emitted from the collar and barking immediately stops!

How does it work?

Your phone or the Base station creates a perimeter where your dog is in a safe zone of approximately 300ft.If your pet escapes that range, KYON 3D GPS Tracking on the collar is enabled and you are immediately notified via the GSM embedded module.3D GPS tracking is a brand new technology that locates your pet in 3-axis, indicating even the floor that it is on.

The price for this collar is a little steep at $249 but personally i think it is worth every penny, it includes a ton of features and i know for me i would at least use three of them. You can find  this collar here.

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