NAKEFIT: Hypoallergenic adhesive pad for walking freely

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Nakefit is a Hypoallergenic adhesive pad for walking freely wherever you want!


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NAKEFIT: Hypoallergenic adhesive pad for walking freely

Going barefoot can sometimes lead to a painful experience, the ground could be rocky when hiking or the pavement could be hot from the summer sun. Nakefit can help you overcoming the problem of walking barefoot. Family physicians and pediatricians are generally concerned about walking barefoot inside as well as outside homes. Inside homes are however recommendable but outside homes can be a great disadvantage for the young as well as the old age.There can a probability of having tetanus infections or other similar problems. Nakefit is designed to add a protective layer between you and the ground without sacrificing the benefits of walking barefoot. Each Nakefit has a protective grip that can be used on slick surfaces such as tile floors or maybe even boats.Coming in packs of ten, these single-use hypoallergenic adhesive pads add a layer of protection to the bottom of your feet. This means you can fully enjoy your walks in the park and days out on the beach without feeling like you’re going to burn your feet off.

Getting the sole on is easy as removing the protective layering and sticking it on the bottom of your feet, it will mold to the bottom and sides of your foot. Once your ready to remove the sole just peel it off and throw it away. Walking barefoot can feel liberating and fun but if you have sensitive feet like i do, than you would know that it can be painful, Nakefit can allow you to escape your shoes and sandals and protect you from those small pebbles that pop up out of nowhere.

Nakefits goal was to raise 22,000$ in which they have already surpassed that amount of 259,715 $ on kick starter, which means there will definitely be a new craze to come.

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