Ta-Ta Towel

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The Ta-Ta Towel is a patented towel solution that’s made out of terrycloth fabric on one side and a super soft liner on the other. The garment absorbs moisture from underneath the breasts and behind the neck. It is also a great product for pregnant, postpartum, and nursing moms.


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Ta-Ta Towel

Say goodbye to sweaty boobs! The Ta Ta Towel is another invention that solves a problem. Erin Roberts, the creator mentions how she came up with the idea

“…As I got out of the shower and started getting ready, I could not stop sweating…because my tiny A/C unit was broken AND it was the beginning of summer…I tried everything: I tucked wash cloths under my breasts, I tried dumping baby powder all over me, I even put a t-shirt on and tucked it under my boobs…I just kept thinking: “There HAS to be a better way to keep the beads of sweat from dripping down my stomach.”…That night, I was lying in my bed thinking about all the different ways I could solve this problem… and then it hit me. I sat up with excitement!! “I’VE GOT IT!!”… I made a pattern by taping four pieces of printer paper together… After I tore up every last towel in my apartment, I finally had my prototype…I started handing the towels out to my friends to get some feedback…A friend of mine got rashes under her breasts due to moisture buildup; after using the towel, her rashes completely disappeared…Pregnant and/or breastfeeding mothers are loving the Ta-Ta Towel, too!…The ultra-soft rayon liner was made with sensitive nipples in mind and also absorbs any breast milk that might leak out during feeding…Whether at the spa, gym, or just lounging around the house, the Ta-Ta Towel will be your boobs’ new breast friend.”

The Ta Ta Towel is a garment that is half bra and half towel. Towels are bulky and hot, shirts can make you sweat even more, the best solution is a towel that covers only your boobs. This product is great for  after a hot shower or keeping cool on a hot day.Most bras can be uncomfortable and expensive, the Ta Ta towel is comfortable at an affordable price. You can find the Ta Ta Towel on their website here. If you want to see a more in depth review of the Ta Ta towel check out this video on Mamacita

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