Trippy A Wireless Speaker That Connects To Your Phone Automatically

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A wireless speaker that automatically connects to a phone that is placed on top of it. No Bluetooth, No cables, No pairing.


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Trippy wireless Speaker

For the longest time, i have been waiting for the day that someone creates a speaker that connects automatically to your phone, no more pairing with Bluetooth and no more searching for devices. Trippy is a wireless speaker that uses Place and Play™ technology.

The technology behind the hood of trippy is the magnetic inductors that can read the electromagnetic fields that are generated by your phone or small device’s speaker, then the signals are transmitted into electric signals within trippys sound system. There are a total of four magnetic inductors that are strategically placed within the trippy sound system, wow science is awesome!

Trippy is compatible on all phone types, just place the phone on the device and trippy will play sound from the magnetic waves your phone puts off. Even in a group setting trippy allows multiple phones to play music without having to connect or find the device their looking for, just lay a different phone on the speaker and trippy will play their playlist.

Trippys designers didn’t stop with just the technology, they also developed an aesthetic and elegant material design. Trippy is made from carbonated bamboo for its slightly darker and more sophisticated look. Bamboo instruments are traditionally used all over the world because bamboo holds a high acoustic value. Using bamboo instead of plastic or metal makes the sound more rich and vibrant.The cloth in which the speaker is housed comes in several different colors of your choosing.

The battery life of each device can last up to  7-8 hours and includes a micro usb charging port. Right now you can back Trippy on kickstarter for 96$. Bluetooth is in the past, trippy is the beginning of a new era!





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