Ungrip Phone Holder

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Ungrip is a simple, effective and beautiful solution to hold your phone in a flexible way. It attaches to most phones and cases.


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Ungrip Phone Holder

Ungrip Phone Holder is a new approach to the problem of holding increasingly bigger and slimmer smartphones, making a large phone feel smaller. Rather than clashing with your phone’s style, this simple and effective solution accents both its look and your personality.

When designing Ungrip Phone Holder, we didn’t add tons of features that are seldom used. Instead, we focused on two features that are highly visible and functional— how it would look on your device and how it would help you hold your device. We like it simple. And we think it’s effective. We hope you think so, too.

Ungrip is strong. An average phablet weighs around 0.3 pounds (170 grams), but Ungrip can hold a device of up to 4 pounds (1,800 grams), strong enough for a laptop.

Ungrip uses 3M’s VHB (Very High Bond) tapes. They are industrial strength, easily removable and WON’T leave any residues.Ungrip is unintrusive. It’s thin, small and light, and can stay flat when needed.

Ungrip Phone Holder is easy to use. With a snap-on feature, changing the Strap is easier than changing your clothes!

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