Wetsleeve: The Most Convenient Wearable Hydration System

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Forget about carrying bottles or heavy packs! Effortlessly hydrate on the go with the world’s most innovative wearable hydration system


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The future of wearable hydration is here. Now there’s a revolutionary new way to hydrate on the move. Wetsleeve is a lightweight, breathable soft sleeve worn on the forearm with a refillable hydration reservoir that keeps your drink cool and allows you to conveniently sip from the wrist without breaking your stride.

Wetsleeve is a patented lightweight, ergonomically fitted hands-free hydration system engineered with the perfect balance of capacity and comfort, that allows you to focus and push forward without breaking your athletic rhythm. Designed for runners, hikers, cyclists, paddle and kite surfers, and anybody with an active lifestyle, Wetsleeve is hydration in motion for anyone who wants to perform at their highest level.

FOR THE RUNNER: No more heavy hydration packs, impractical belts or annoying water bottles! Stay hydrated effortlessly without ever having to stop or break your stride.

FOR THE SKATEBOARDER: Hydrate seamlessly without having to hold a bottle or stopping to find a water source.

FOR THE FITNESS ENTHUSIAST: Perfect compliment to your fitness regimen. Stay hydrated throughout any workout with the first wearable solution that doesn’t impact your balance or slow you down.

FOR THE HIKER: Have instant access to hydration at all times without having to wear bulky hydration packs, or even carry a bottle.

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